Unicity Detection

Reinforce your gate security offering through state of the art vision while significantly reducing your CAPEX/OPEX





Higher grade intelligence, Higher grade security

We see what other systems don't in a lightweight embedded zero latency package that complies with all privacy legislations. Gone are the days of imprecise false positives and expensive time of flight hardware and GPUs.

Person Detection

Key Point Detection


Time in Gate

Attribute Detection

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Rapid Camera Calibration


Log Analysis

The private by design alternative to ToF


Privacy legislation compliance

    Vision processing 100% on the edge 
    End user images are never stored locally
    User identity is never processed or tracked


We see what other systems can't

    98% Precision
    6x faster and 16x lighter algorithms
    30% gain in inference on CPUs
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Increased cost savings with increased agility

    +3K€/$/£ in CAPEX savings per gate 
    10% less energy consumption
    Less than 15 min to configure new gates

Success Story

Higher levels of accuracy while preserving end-user anonymity

Heading photo

Improving Border Crossings


Datakalab reduces hardware costs and energy consumption, while increasing the accuracy of unicity detection by 30%.

  • "We are delighted with our partnership with Datakalab which marks a turning point in the history of intelligent border crossings. This solution has the advantage of being scalable and will allow for flexible handling of any new constraint or evolution requested by states and operators alike."

    Yann Haguet, EVP Identity Solutions, d’IN Groupe.

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