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Embedded algorithms for faster, more accurate and responsible image analysis

Experts in deep neural networks

Datakalab is recognized for its research and is regularly published in major conferences.


RED : Redundancies for Data-Free Structured Compression of DNN

Edouard Yvenic, Arnaud Dapogny,Matthieu Cord and Kévin Bailly 

31 May 2021 - NeurIPS


PLOP: Learning without Forgetting for Continual Semantic Segmentation

Arthur Douillard, Yifu Chen,
Arnaud Dapogny and Matthieu Cord

11 March 2021 - CVPR


DeeSCo: Deep heterogeneous ensemble with Stochastic Combinatory loss for gaze estimation

Edouard Yvinec, Arnaud Dapogny
and Kévin Bailly

15 April 2020


DeCaFA: Deep Convolutional Cascade for Face Alignment In The Wild

Arnaud Dapogny, Kévin Bailly and Matthieu Cord

4 April 2019 - ICCV


Tree-gated Deep Mixture-of-Experts For Pose-robustFace Alignment

Estephe Arnaud, Arnaud Dapogny
and Kévin Bailly

21 October 2019

The Team

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Xavier Fischer


Lucas Fischer


Frank Tapiro


Kévin Bailly

Head of R&D

Lucas Lugao

Head of Engineering

Stephen Bauer

Head of Sales

Arnaud Dapogny

ML / CV scientist senior

Edouard Yvenic

ML / CV scientist

Eden Belouadah

ML / CV scientist

Gabriel Kasser

Software engineer

Alexandre Amaral

Project Manager


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